#11 – A Writer’s Guide on How To Make Cake (part 2)

The Recipe

  • First, take a blank page and put it on horizontal surface. Then take your pen and take a second to think of your recipe.
  • Start small: Begin noting everything that comes to mind. Not everything needs to be connected. Start with the most important stuff and then proceed to the details, if you feel like it. You want it sweet or not? You want it decorated somehow? You want chocolate or you would rather enjoy something with fruits?
  • Once you get that first draft ready, you are set for the next part of the process: Gather your ingredients. But before you finish gathering, take another blank page and start making use of them according to your first draft.
  • Now you are ready for the fun part:

Embrace the mess

Maybe you are thinking that the process of making that cake will look something like this picture. Wouldn’t it be lovely? Just take every ingredient and discard the ones you don’t need, putting everything back where it belongs after use and keeping your counter clean and shiny through the whole process. Wouldn’t that be great? Wouldn’t that give you less to deal with later?

Of course it would…

Well, the reality looks something like this.

But wait! Don’t start running away from making that cake! This is perfectly normal, a part of the process for a delicious treat… And by finishing that part, you will have finished the hardest part of the recipe.

So now that you have everything on your counter it is time for some action.

First of all butter, and then sugar, and then eggs. Mix well until smooth. Add milk and flour little by little. Now the important parts are behind you. The basic ingredients are in. Put in some vanilla to make it smell great.

What you have in front of you is the dough for your cake. You look at it and it does smell nice but other than that, it is not edible. It is not ready. You start to feel disheartened. Well don’t be.

As I mentioned, making cake is a process. And now, you have just finished the first part. We have several more to go before our cake is ready!

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