#10 – A Writer’s Guide on How To Make Cake (Part 1)

Let me clear something out first. This is not a cooking blog. And I am not planning on making one, at least in the near future. This is a blog where an aspiring writer notes some stuff she thinks worth mentioning, while practicing her daily free writing exercise. Now that we got this out of the way, let’s proceed on how to make that cake.


The first thing one needs to make cake, or anything for that matter, is ingredients. You know, the stuff that when combined give you something worth eating. But not just any ingredient will do. This is why you need a recipe. The recipe is the second most important part after the ingredients: It tells you exactly which ingredients you need, measured in the exact needed quantities and used in the exact needed order.

So lets start making that cake. First we need to find a recipe. What do we want our cake to taste like? Sweet? Not so sweet? Creamy? Let’s say we want it to taste sweet. We know a lot of things that can be used to sweeten a cake. But until we find our recipe, we can’t be certain on which of them serves us most.

So before you start gather your ingredients, it is important to find a recipe.

In writing, the research products are the ingredients. The recipe is -or should be- our initial plan for what exactly it is that we want to communicate.

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